I think the book “A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess, should be banned from schools grades k-12 because it has horrific acts of random violence, and objectionable language. The mind of a child is very fragile and easily influenced. What we take in i.e. read and watch affects our thoughts and our thoughts affect our actions. Written in 1962 Anthony Burgess wanted to address the human nature of free will with this story, with the thought that every human in nature is pre disposed to violence.

 The random acts of violence start immediately book when the main character, Alex, and his gang beat and mug a guy walking down the street for no reason other than the thrill of beating somebody up. He and his gang didn’t even need money. The book talks about how Alex stomped on his face with his boot until he could see red all over his face. Then not even three pages later, Alex and his gang rob a convenience store and severally beat the owner and his wife. Keep in mind, Alex is only fifteen years old and seems to commit theses crimes without even a whimper of remorse. The ultra violence continues on with Alex and his gang beating an old man until he begins to puke blood. The violence never seems to stop. Even toward the last chapters of the book, Alex is being made to watch really violent movies, where people are being killed and women are being raped.  What kind of example would that set for a child that is reading the book?

  The language is another cause for this book to be banned from school libraries. Anthony Burgess made up his own kind of slang for the book called Nadast. Even though the language was made up he made it was simple to understand. For example, Neezhnies means “panties” and is referenced when Alex is raping women. Another questionable word used in the book is “crast” which meant to steal something.

 You can see why the book “A Clockwork Orange” would be a huge mistake to put on school library shelves. If any child got a hold of this book it would influence their ideas and actions to potentially repeat such horrendous acts of hatred.