The main Character in “A Clock Work Orange” is named Alex, a fifteen year old living in a somewhat lawless time. Alex is described by Anthony Burgess, the author as a violent person. Alex drew me in because you never knew what he was going to do next. Whether he was going to mug somebody or break into a house and steal something. He did all these things without any remorse. Alex considered himself the mastermind of his gang of three other members. He liked to be the one in control. What makes Alex so interesting is he had no inhibitions or morals. You could almost consider him like a lawless gunman from the Wild West. He liked to dress in what was considered the height of fashion, a pair of tights and a sweater around his waist. His relationship with his parents was most intriguing. To his parents he was a nice young kid who only got into trouble every once and awhile. His parents were completely unaware of the true crimes he was committing throughout the book. The most intriguing aspect of Alex was he loved symphony style music like Beethoven and Bach. It was strange to see somebody like him love such a lovely style of music. You would think him being a hooligan he would like rock and roll or hard metal style music. Alex was so unpredictable the book ends with him wanting to find a nice woman whom he could have a child with.